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Writing is like breathing

Writing is like breathing.  It’s the reason for life.  It’s easily my favorite form of  communication.

In my mind I think it’s something you shouldn’t copy but that’s

can really copy.  I guess

You can mimic people. You can model others. Ultimately when you get into the flow, it’s something that comes from inside, it’s something that’s uniquely yours, and it comes from trusting yourself.  And I think — I’m learning now that I need to write every single day.  I need to get my thoughts on paper and I need to write.

Dictation has been helping a lot, but I know that if I get my fingers on the keyboard and write, it’s going to  make a big difference.

I could just use a pen and put it on paper.

I just know that there’s something there, there’s something inside of me that I want to share.  Something I want to help people with.  Something I will help myself.

It’s not just expressing myself, but teaching. Giving.

I love it.  I’m also thinking about the creative process, about how I can just get more from myself.  I can’t get more from myself by “forcing” it.  I have to get more from myself in a strategic manner.