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Wild Movie

Last night we watched Wild starring Reese Wetherspoon. Luckily my wife is a fan, so she was cool sitting through it…


Meaning there was a good probability she wouldn’t fall sleep like she did when we watched the original Ghost in a Shell last week but…


It’s about this lady that hikes the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a 3 months trek that spans 1000 miles. On instagram I recorded some stories.


I was trying to imagine myself doing this. Walking by myself surviving through the snow, heat, cold and rain.


It made me feel nauseous. It’s probably a dream for someone out there to do this.


Naomi suggested that we should do it.  3 months away from the kids…


I told her we would probably die.


Why put yourself through a seemingly tortures experience.  The closest experience I could relate it to was the 2010 San Francisco Marathon I ran.


There’s a kind of beauty in suffering.  There’s beauty in labor. Ask my wife.


The labor of childbirth is a pain I’ve never felt…


A pain so excruciating yet it’s the most amazing thing about life.


It’s how we all got here.


So I got a question for you, what was the last difficult thing you did?


I mean, something that was memorably difficult. As terrible as some parts were (no matter how tragic), there’s beauty in it.


I told my wife the last thing I can remember doing something “memorably difficult” was when I wrote my product the fat burning breakfast.


It was mostly writing the original sales letter where I spilled my guts about my mom.


I remember crying some days.


You’re going to look back at some of the most difficult, painful and trying  moments someday and you’re going to remember how beautiful and amazing they were. Even if painful. Even if tragic. Because life is a series of highs and lows.


The highs wouldn’t be great without the lows.


The lows are terrible, but without them, you wouldn’t be human (or appreciate the highs).


I had a friend remind me that humans are meaning making machines. When you put yourself through deep meaningful suffering, you discover a deeper part of yourself.


I think most of the time, when we’re in the thick of it, it’s not suffering. It’s just ‘stuff that’s happening.’


Or a better way to put it is that it’s a process; a meaningful process. Let’s call it meaningful suffering. Meaningful joy.


Cheryl Strayed is the Author of a book from Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 Wild, of the self-titled movie we watched.


The movie was really amazing.  It was such a good movie because of the interview I listened to with Tim Ferriss.


It was interesting learning about a very deep and venerable human being who’s been through a lot.


I’m sure you’ve been through a lot too.


When you share it with the world (or even just one person)…


As scary as it is. As difficult it is. As painful as it is..


You make a better life.