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Staging vs Editing

Creating is breathing. I like to build stuff.  I love to write.  I like to share my ideas. I enjoy the process of creativity. I remember being Ender’s age and loving to draw like he does now. Doodling…

Seeing where the pencil went.  Discovering what the picture looked like when it’s done.

Sometimes I think about the success I want.  More of the success I think I still want, but I’m more interested in the craftsmanship. I’m more interested in the doing. I like doing interesting stuff.

The part of creation that I’m having trouble with (the part I dislike) is the editing.

I feel a need to change my view on the “editing” process, because something tells me that he editing is the writing process. It’s the deliberate practice of making good work. The refinement.

This bring me to another thought.  How is staging vs editing – how are they different.

Staging as in the set up.  Staging an event and making it pre-planned.

Right now I’m thinking about the lobbed pitch for a homerun hit.  Or a T-ball set up before launching it it into the air.  Staging is putting the golf ball on the perfect T.

Making everything perfect as you can before launching your best into it.

Staging to the writer..

Staging to the creative is environment and how you set up you routine.

When it comes to editing… editing IS the writing process, not part of it.