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I just found out that this is what happened in the beginning of the episode.

I was watching Seinfeld on the treadmill while I was on the treadmill today. Between my Kindle book on my iPad Mini and the podcast I was listening to (James Altucher interview with Jewel) …

One could say I have ADHD… but I digress. I think I used that word write. The word digress. But I know write wasn’t right.

Okay back to Seinfeld.

Scene: they’re on an AIRPLANE:

Jerry was on an airplane in first class. Then an attractive blonde (magazine model type) approached him to tell him he was in the wrong seat. With a smile, Jerry moved over..

Meanwhile, in coach, Elaine was sitting in the middle seat between 2 obnoxious passengers.

The whole story appeared to be about how Elaine got a crappy deal with being in coach while Jerry was having the time of his life in 1st class.

I watched it all with subtitle sweating on the treadmill.

Entertaining. Too bad they stopped this show. Huge fan base, easily considered the most successful comedian. I think he’s like worth almost a billion dollars now.

I remember listening to Jack Welch’s Straight from the gut many years ago (back when I had aspiration to be an executive, ha!). Jack Welch is the famous CEO of General electric and the network that Seinfeld was on were connected.

I think it was NBC. I don’t know.

Anyway, the story goes..

Jerry had a conversation on the phone with Jack and said he was done. It was Christmas eve and Jerry was at the office working on the next show…

Missing time with his family…

He couldn’t take it anymore. He was done.

I think that’s how it went.

I had the intention of writing this post comparing first class to coach. The plane is going to the same place, yet for 10x the price you could have a better experience.

Is it worth it?

The Jack Welch story came out of now where. I just remembered as I was writing this.