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Reminders Of Death

Death. Every time I’m reminded of death, it makes me think of my legacy. I think about what I want to leave on earth.


It makes me work harder. It makes me want to build something for my family. I want to be remembered.


No one makes it out of life alive. Everybody will eventually die. It’s guaranteed. So while we’re here, how do you want to live it?


When I think about this, I also think about writing. I want to make an impact in people’s lives. I want to give people answers. I want to share my opinion with everybody. I want to show people the process of how I learn.


Part of my reason for doing so is ego. When I write about my experiences, in a way I become immortal. And it counts for something because I want to change the lives of people ready for a change. Just like Seth Godin.


He is a huge inspiration for me. I want to be like that. A person who help people see their world differently. There is a world of people that I can help and I want to put it all out there.