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I Want To Be Somebody

For so long, I wanted to be somebody. I guess it was from my high school days of performing magic. I love impressing people with my sleight of hand skills. I love the intimate, one-on-one encounter of doing magic for a person. I was scared every time but I got such a “high” from it. I enjoyed it.


In social media, I found myself wanting to be famous. I want to be someone who matters. I want to be someone who makes an impact on the world like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.


Then I think about my role as a father to my three kids. My wife and I are the most important people in their lives. Why should I want more?


I’m somewhat obsessed with my legacy. It’s important to me. But lately I realize that being important to one person is all we need to do. Making a positive impact on a person’s life is all you have to do to be important. To that person, you matter most.


We should focus less on trying to be important to the world and focus more on becoming important to one person. I suspect that when you become important to one person, you do become important to the world.


I think the important famous people in the world was first important person to one person.