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How Do I Define Success

I’m having trouble defining what success is for me. This whole time, I’m getting my business going but feel conflicted. I haven’t defined it.


When I think of success, I think about a lot of things: great relationship with my wife, good relationship with the kids, building a great business, and living a good life.


I think about a life with meaning.


I want to build something great; something bigger than myself. Does this mean I want to be famous? Or maybe I want to change people’s lives for the better?


I guess success for me means having a solid family life. That for me is the most important part.


Second is building something bigger than myself. I want to work on something meaningful that is fun, challenging and makes me grow that also allows me to make more money at the same time.


Sometimes I compare my definition of success to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Robbins, and Donald Trump.


Compared to these famous people, I realize I ‘just’ wanted to be happy.


Success for me means doing your life’s work, sharing your happiness, and having a solid, successful family life.