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Habit Based Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t rocket science, it’s actually more like magic. We want to believe in some kind of magic that makes weight loss easy.  In fact, weight loss can be easy if you have the right habits in place. This new habit is a simple challenge. It doesn’t take much, but here it is:

16 minutes 2 times a day

So what exactly am I suggesting you try twice a day for 16 minutes? Simple, go for a walk.

Set the timer on your stopwatch (I use a FitBit) and go move.

I listen to an audiobook or podcast.

It’s really that simple.

As I’ve said in my email, I’m using it as a keystone habit for 14 days…

As Charles Duhigg says in his book:

“Key stone habits: by creating structures that help other habits to flourish”

I’ll talk more about keystone habits in future emails, but for now….

Let me know what you can do for 16 minutes 2 times a day to improve your body.