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Dear Valentine (Valen-Tiny)

Hello there tiny. You’ll be turning 2-years old in 2 months. You’re growing so fast. I know it will be some time before you read this letter, but I thought I’d take this time to tell you the cool things you did yesterday.



You went on the couch and decided to slide down from the top cushion like you were at a playground.



You went under the table where your brother keeps his Lootcrate boxes that he doesn’t want to throw away. You opened them and scattered them around. You also took the papers up on the table and decided to litter them on the floor.



You grabbed the Swiffer and marched around with it pretending to clean. You got the box of Swiffer elements and scattered those too.



Mom got you some mandarin oranges and put them on a plate for you to eat off the ottoman. You tried to carry it to the couch, and we shouted at you to put it back. You made a mess and started crying.



Mom said you got scared.



We watched ARQ on Netflix, but were uninterested and played with your big sister.



You loved the afritada Mom cooked and devoured the rice in the sauce. You out ate your big sister.
Oh yeah, you slipped on your sister’s homework and fell, but didn’t cry.
You lost my driver’s license. We dismantled the couch searching. There’s a huge mess, and you tried to eat couch cushions stuffs. We stopped you from eating it.



In a nutshell, that was the day.
PS. This day 2 of my letter series practicing writing to one person. it’s so low pressure writing to a 1-year-old. Also, I promised to make you a blog for you to read on your first birthday. I also only did one pass of editing this, there are likely a ton of typos. sorry.