The fastest way to lose body fat that NO ONE BELIEVES

If there was a way to explain to people the secret of fat loss no one would believe me, but because I care so much about sharing the truth I will try my best.

More exercise is typically not the answer. It usually comes down to the right kind of exercise.  I’ve written about this over numerous of times in the past, but to simplify my explanation of what you should do I will do so in one phrase.

“you should do what you do least of.”

Of course things are usually more complicated than that, but that’s how it works for exercise.  Not everyone has the experience and the scientific background of how everything works, but I’ll argue you know about 70-80% of what to do stay healthy and fit.  Maintain a reasonable weight and low body fat percentage.

The advantage of working with a coach / personal trainer  (or being a fitness nerd) is how to optimize things.  When you read stuff online (like this article), most of the time the article has to be general and appeal to a specific audience.

If you’re into the crossfit games and a Rich Froning fan (which I shamelessly admit to being) the information in this article will be stuff you’ve heard of.  I know this because I’m an advocate of the a paleo diet and truly believe in evolutionary science.  I also follow the infamous Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution.

Here’s the deal, what’s the secret to weight loss and getting a six pack abs and ripped like a high level crossfit games competitior?

The answer is in our genes and our hormones.  There isn’t much we can do about our genes but there is a lot we can do to manipulate our hormones.

One of the main reasons that sedentary  people lose body fat and gain muscle quickly is because they make a very positive and dramatic shift in their hormonal environment.  They they become more insulin and leptin sensitivity which leads to using sugar better and burning body fat more easily.  Second, testosterone and IGF-1 get a big natural boost from strength training.  If a person doesn’t exercise and starts doing cardio they will get a big human growth boost.

For people who are in the middle of the road, that exercise relatively regularly won’t see the same dramatic improvements a sedentary person will.  It’s fact, the more out of shape you are the faster in shape you will become.  If you’re already in shape or have decent conditioning (remember this is relative), dramatic progress will only come from smart workout programing.

Essentially, you need to know what you’re doing if you want to make a big shift in changing your body.

One major shift that will get you in shape is to eliminate all the things in your life that cause you too much stress.  You know, like bills and your day time job.

Oh yeah and of course sleep more.

Don’t get up to an alarm clock.

Sleep in every night,

and wala, the pounds will start shedding off your body and you’ll feel better.

Okay let’s get back to reality.  We all have real world obligations that cause us stress.  The average American gets less than 7 hours of sleep a night.  Most of us wake up to an alarm clock and many of us have demanding work and family lives.

When you’re stressed out, sleep deprived and under nourished you’re body goes into a sort of “starvation mode.”  I know this is not accurate, but most people will get it.  Your body will want to reduce caloric expenditure and conserve energy.  It will want to destroy muscle and cripple your immune system.  At this point, your body cares less about losing body fat as it does more care more about getting back in balance.

This is why people can’t lose weight.  This is why people get stuck.

You know how they say everything in moderation?

Well, this applies to exercise.  Working too much is a stressor that will cripple your ability to get/stay leaner.  Some of my co-workers at the gym are examples of that.  I’m an example of that.

There’s a sweet spot for everything and you need to realize that you’re sweet spot for getting lean and ripped like Rich Froning is different.  Keep in mind that there is a huge genetic component to how your body looks.

The main point I want to make is that getting to looking lean and ripped comes from balancing your hormones.  Insulin is fairly simple to control; reduce or eliminate carbs (of course not forever). Leptin sort of manages the way you burn calories, it’s also a huge appetite control mechanism of your body.  Many believe that processed food and sugar play a roll in screwing up our leptin sensitivity.  Lack of sleep and too much stress amplifies the effects of our hormone system.  This in turn wrecks our ability to perform well in our workouts and lose body fat.

Stress from too much business / work and family “stuff” also screw all this up.  Some people blow up like balloons by gaining weight (and can’t lose it), others lose muscle and get weak.  Digestion is also another sign of poor food quality and too much stress.

The solution?  Sleep more and exercise reasonable amounts.  Eliminate processed foods and eat carbs as it makes sense for physical  activity for the day. Just remember that there is no one size fits all approach.  Did I mention that alcohol affects your hormone production and also wrecks your ability to get good sleep?

Okay enough. Sorry if I have a lot of punctuation errors.  If I didn’t get this out, I would’ve never have posted it.

thanks for reading.



The Diet

Here’s the diet that helped one person in our Fat Loss with Friends group lose 100lbs in 4 months. Check out the results page on an old blog post.

Nothing here is rocket science. Just lots of discipline.  I’ve said and written this diet out a million times for people, but it seems that this version seems to mean the make the most sense to people for following directions.

This post was originally posted on my unorganized blog back in 2011. 


Here is what you’re NOT ALLOWED to eat.

– No Grains: includes Corn, rice, bread, pasta and tortillas. Don’t eat anything containing wheat, gluten or soy

– Fruit is limited to 1 piece 100- 200 calorie serving every other day

– Dairy is allowed only once a week, 200-400 calorie serving (Example: ice cream, yogurt, cheese)

– Nothing sweet is allowed or it’s very limited: sugar, candies and
diet cokes and candies. If you have to have something sweet eat a
piece of fruit.

– White Potatoes are not to be eaten

– Sweet potatoes and yams are to be eaten on a limited basis.
typically only on the days you workout

– You can have one cup of cooked beans a day

– Alcohol consumption is allowed and limited to hard alcohol,
unsweetened drink. Absolutely no beer.

– Sauces and dressing: use sparingly or not at all. NO SUGAR, NOTHING SWEET.

– Nuts: limited to a 1/4 of a cup a day

Here is what you CAN EAT nearly unlimited amounts, please use good
judgment or ask questions.

– Meat: Chicken, eggs, beef, fish,pork etc. I recommend having at least 1 gram per pound of body weight.  If you’re 200lbs that roughly comes out to 28 ounces of a lean meat

– Green Vegetables: Celery, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, bell peppers, squash etc.

Guidelines and other notes

– Don’t be afraid of eating fat, but don’t stuff your face.

– Use good judgement

– Facebook me or send me an email message

– If you deviate from the plan you are cheating and allow your
competitors the opportunity to do better than you.

– If you deviate from the plan, you are cheating. Know that you’re
cheating, and just cheat but try to control the damage. (e.g. don’t
eat an entire cheese cake, pizza or try to finish a jar of peanut

FAQ – Frequently Asked questions

Q: Can I follow my own diet that I’ve done before?
A: Yes, but you most likely lose to someone who is following what my
recommendations are.

Q: What should I do for exercise?
A: I will be posting videos on stuff to do, but in general keep things
light to moderate. If you workout too hard you will either get hurt,
burned out or feel like crap. Your weight loss is dependent primary on
HOW YOU LIVE, and that equates primarily to how much quality sleep you
get and what you eat. But 80% of your efforts into those 2 things
will yield you the most results. Exercising 1-2 hours a day 4-6 days
a week is a speck of time when you compare it to sleep and nutrition.

Q: How many calories should I eat?
A: It ‘ALMOST’ doesn’t matter. But if you want to be neurotic about
it, multiply your weight by 11, that will give you a general idea.



I highly doubt you’ve made it this far, but if you happen to be reading this, thanks for reading the whole thing.  This isn’t rocket science and it’s all just the same stuff packaged. You can call it a “new atkins” or paleo diet or south beach or whatever; it’s a low carb diet.  That’s really all it is.  If you stay away from junk food (processed food), eat lots of vegetables, control your sugar intake and exercise you will lose body fat.  If it’s not happening fast enough for you, you’re just being impatient.

I’m beginning to realize that you have to trick people into following a diet by getting excited about something “new.”  Nothing is new. It’s all the same stuff.  The only time that really applies to being “new” is to those that have made significant progress in their fitness like in sports performance.

Ryan’s Ultimate Guide to Lowering Your Body Fat

Understand what you need to focust on to lower your body fat percentage

lower body fat percentage
no such thing as spot reduction :(

What is the one thing you’re not doing that’s preventing you from getting to the body you want ?   How is that some people are able to stay lean , keep their abs and look amazing while you’re stuck unhappy or dissatisfied with your body?

In this article I’m going to show you exactly what you need to focus on.

But to better understand what it is you need to do I’m going to share the biggest problem that most people have with lowering body fat percentage quickly.

The Reality of Being Fat

You see , I use to be overweight and very fat .   I was a heavy guy , I was 60 pounds overweight . Most of my adolescent life I was on the bottom of the talent pool when it came to playing sports .   I was always picked last and often didn’t get a chance to play basketball during recess .   I was slow , out of shape and pretty discouraged most of the time .

I can’t tell you what this can do to a kid’s self – esteem .   It’s pretty destructive and demoralizing .   For many years I thought that every time I heard the word “ Fat ,” I always thought they were talking about me . I was depressed and I hated myself .

I know you might think I’m exaggerating, but trust me, I’m not .   Being overweight is one of the most difficult mental challenges anyone can face .   I really do hate how it feels and as I write about it I’m reminded of all the negative emotions anchored to that time in my life .

Not a lot of people know this , but because I grew up being a fat kid it’s something that I’ve always had trouble overcoming .   The mental state of feeling fat , ugly and depressed .

Seriously , I know what it means to be overweight . I know what it feels like. and I know how to conquer it .

Guess what ? I’m going to teach you how to beat it and I’m going to do it in way that is actionable right now.

A Practical Guide on How to Get Fat

if you want to gain weight
if you want to gain weight…

The first step to understanding how quickly lower body fat percentage; it’s best to know the formula for how to get fat.  How does someone get 100 pounds overweight? What are the steps to getting fat?  You might think you already know, but to even the playing field for everybody’s learning, I will outline them here.

1.) Be sedentary and don’t move.

2.) Eat a ton of processed sugary treats that are loaded with carbs.

3.) Mix sugary treats with the combination of fat and salt.

4.) Eat lots of it

5.) Let enough time pass to notice it in your clothes (usually takes about 10-14 days).

I can go on for days on the science behind all these things listed, but I will give you the practical knowledge necessary to understand the basic concepts.  They all taste good!  Food palatability is one of the main reasons that causes overeating.  The simple solution to reverse fat gain is to not eat this stuff.

I get it. Easier said than done.

The real problem is how do we balance being lean and fit with being able to eat normal?  That will be another question I will dig deeper into after I tell you the one thing you’re probably not doing.

What you’re NOT doing…

you need to challenge yourself

What is the one thing that you’re not doing that’s preventing you from getting you to the body you want?  Here it is: Stimulating your muscles to become metabolic power houses for fat burning – this is the answer.  You are most likely missing out on doing enough resistance training.  When I say enough resistance training, I mean intense glycogen depleting, growth hormone stimulating weight lifting.  (Remember, the weight can be your body weight.)

Muscle weighs more than fat. You know this.  Muscle burns fat.  If didn’t know this, now you know.  This is the main reason why guys lose weight faster gals.  Men naturally have more muscle mass on their body, this extra amount of muscle mass allows for much more fat burning when compared to females. (Note to girls reading this: I know not fair right?)

Do more resistance training.  Do more weight lifting. Do more challenging, fatiguing, near failure iron pumping.  If not iron, you can use body weight.  If you’re in pretty good shape, body weight exercises may not be enough for having trouble lowering your body fat percentage further. Ladies worried about getting big and bulky? Read this article.

Minimize Fat Gain from Junk Food…

Does this mean that you can’t eat “normal?”  We already know that most of america is obese and overweight, normal is being fat.  That is the real state of the union.  If you want to eat normal, you will not be able to stay as lean as you like unless…….

… have enough muscle on your body and you strategically plan your “junk foods” for the best times of the day. When you eat your high sugar foods at this best time, you actually stimulate your muscles for growth and you minimize the chance for getting fat. If you really want to know the science of how it works, you can read this article I wrote previously.

What is this best time of day?  It’s after your intense resistance training sessions – this is the best time of day to down your sugary hyper-palatable sweets.  Your body is able to partition some of this junk food as muscle and fuel for recovery while minimizing fat storage.

Of course this doesn’t mean you can do it every time.  Everyone’s situation is a little different, and if you do this too often you will gain some fat.  The idea is to be able to eat “somewhat normal,” but minimize fat gain.

Putting it all together…with Cardio

putting it all together
nutrition + weights + cardio = ?

The first step here is to build enough muscle mass to allow your body to become a better sugar burning machine.  The second step is, if you want to eat some junk food, save it for after your intense resistance training to control the damage it would cause.

In a nutshell I just basically said, lift hard and heavy, don’t eat junk food, but if you do eat junk food be smart about it. How does cardio fit into the picture?  If it’s not already integrated with in your weight training, then start now.  Running on a treadmill and pedaling on an elliptical trainer for hours on end is designed for those that enjoy doing it.  If you’re not training for a specific event there’s not much of a need for it for the weight loss part.

Cardio is designed to make your body efficient.  Too much cardio will turn your body into an efficient machine.  This is good if you’re training for a sporting event, but anything beyond 2 two hours of steady state cardio will be weight you will only keep off if you keep doing that cardio.  In other words, once you stop doing cardio, you’re doomed to gain the weight back.  Do you really want to gain weight back because you stop doing cardio?

I didn’t think so.

Efficiency is great when you’re running a marathon but not when you’re trying to lower your body fat percentage by losing body fat.  Efficiency means less calories burned, less calories burned means less fat loss.  It means less calories burned while at rest.  Sometimes a good thing, but not if your goal is to be lean.

Think muscle stimulation for growth. Eat lean meats and lots of veges for nutrient dense food to maintain a strong immune system. Low carb the diet by eliminating most sugars and starches.  Integrate cardio while stimulating muscle or keep cardio to around 2 hours a week.

What else is there? Did I miss anything?  Maybe it would help to know how much calories you should eat to lose weight.  Having a specific meal plan can be helpful.  Knowing what exercises are best would be another.  Taking the best supplements for your goal would be another.  But chances are you’ve already been exercising for a while and know more than enough to get some good results. I want to empower you to do what you already know.

Everything isn’t going to be perfect. Life is not perfect.  Do what you know and follow my advice and I promise you results.  You may need more specific advice as I’ve mentioned in some case studies outlined in the fastest way to lower your body fat percentage article – and they could help you, but you know more than enough. Do what you know and take action.  Lift some weights and tighten up those muscles.  You can do some push ups right now, or maybe some squats.  The idea is that if you don’t take action now, your knowledge will be wasted.

The best compliment you can give to me is to share this article with others. Google +1, tweet and/or post on your facebook wall.  If you enjoyed this writing subscribe to my email list below to get exclusive content from me as if I were your personal trainer for free.  Thanks for reading.