The Paranoid Truth About Gaining 10 Pounds of Body Fat in a Single Meal

In this recorded Nutrition Q&A you’ll learn:

  • Why losing weight is more than just calories in vs calories out
  • Why being paranoid truth about gaining 10 pounds of body fat in a single meal [4:21]
  • A powerful tool that will help you have an epic cheat day with little to no weight gain (usually none)
  • Why buying a t-shirt can help you lose weight faster

PS. If you missed part 1, you can watch it here.

Have You Tried This Core Exercise? Plank Variation

This core exercise I recently learned from Fighter Abs.  It’s a pretty cool program that teaches you how get abs like fighter by training like a fighter, without stepping into a boxing ring or the octagon.  This is a variation of the core exercise, the plank. Instead there is a dynamic aspect to it where you touch side to side.  this makes it so one arm has to hold your body up momentarily – which really activates your core and can make you abs stronger.  This will help with weak lower back muscles and can even help heavy lifting like powerlifting.