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Best Use Of My Time

What it the best use of your time every day? Is it working for money?


The best use of your time is when you do your purpose in life. If you focus on your higher purpose that earns you a living.


Let’s not talk about semantics so much and turn our attention to doing $10,000 an hour work.


When you work on your business, most of what you do is in the direction of your business. You also move faster and more efficiently.


Yesterday, I experienced something very helpful to my business. It’s called “pairing”.


I paired with my wife, Naomi. I taught her some of the work that I do at my job. And it was great.


For two hours, I wasn’t distracted by Facebook or email. I was focused. The experience was good because it helped me distinguish what’s important from what’s not. I got a lot of things done with short breaks in between too.


So how do I do $10,000 an hour work? By focusing on my job despite boredom, tiredness, and distractions. By not doing the small things. By being effective.


Being more effective means making the best use of my time. I’m still trying to figure this out. It’s kind of tough.